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We’ve teamed up with Fidelity to administer our pension plans »

Fidelity Investments will soon become the new administrator for American Airlines legacy pensions plans.

2Q22 State of the Airline »

On Thursday, April 21, CEO Robert Isom hosted the first-quarter 2022 State of the Airline webcast. Watch the videos of the live webcast below.

Non-rev reminder: Multiple check-ins are a no-no »

As travel recovers to pre-pandemic levels and we look ahead to the summer peak, keep in mind how you can best support operational excellence and gate efficiencies as a non-rev passenger. Only list for flights you plan to take, keep an eye on your email for your electronic boarding pass and don’t ask the gate agent for a different seat assignment unless you need special accommodation.

Jetwire »

Jetwire - Friday, September 30, 2022 - Bracing for Ian's second landfall, JetAway is jetting away, Final day to stand up for Stand Up To Cancer, Derek Kerr celebrates 20 years as CFO, Tell Me Why: 'Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history and cultural contributions made by Hispanic Americans to the United States', It's a nifty No. 50 and we are keen on No. 17 as well, Overflowing with opportunities

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Want to learn more about the "why" behind the decisions at American Airlines? Be sure to subscribe to the Tell Me Why podcast, a series that talks about the "why" behind the decisions we make or the approach we take at the company. Available now on Spotify, iTunes or Google Play.

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      Experience the History of American Airlines as it was told in the pages of six legacy publications: Arrivals, Flagship News, Connections, Astrojet, Astrojet (Oklahoma Edition) and Flagship World. Read the wide-ranging stories that have shaped our company and the airline industry.

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